Benefits to Add the Link in the Instagram Bio

“Click on the link in bio”- we all have heard this line many times on social media. Whether watching an influencer’s video or a celebrity’s daily vlog – the link in the bio thing has bought a whole new pace of social development and promotion of products/services/and works. While the link in Instagram bio or for any other social media space is constant for the ongoing web trends- the benefits and importance cannot be undermined, especially for the ones who wish to rule their industrial realm on social media.

Well! you have also come here searching for some information on the “LINK IN BIO” process. And to not let your wish go in vain, this guide encompasses comprehensive information on this aspect. The pieces of information revolve around-

What does a link in bio mean?

The simplest understanding of a link in bio is its native meaning that inclines to a short URL in the Instagram bio that is added for the purpose to direct the users to land on the desired page. Here, it is to note that the mechanism of a link may differ from its usage perspective.

Most Importantly, it is something important that is added to your profile’s first face i.e, any person who visits your profile sees the link and it is a witnessed human psychology that the user might click on it.

For example, for a brand, the link will be directed towards its website’s homepage, product category pages, about us, or even at some particular products for which they have been running a paid advertisement or any other important destination.

Whereas, for a content creator, a nutritionist, a writer, a makeup professional, or any other person the destination would be their associated social media platform, their portfolio, blog section, work website, or anything else.

However, the purpose remains the same as the ultimate motive is to deliver the audience a piece of comprehensive information about the page/brand/person so that the user can go ahead with further categorical human actions.


While there is a limitation on Instagram to add one link in the bio at a time, so changing the simultaneous to your marketing/promotional wishes helps the audiences notice new things on your profile each time.

Benefits and Importance of adding a link in the Instagram bio

The benefits of adding a clickable link in the Instagram bio derive the spheres of its importance for everyone to use it for the growth of their social media accounts. In a nutshell, adding a purposed URL on Instagram can be your marketing and promotional game changer. This feature assists you in delivering information to users that brands/creators specifically aim at showing them.

However, the benefits of incorporating a link in the bio are to be practically witnessed, however, these below-mentioned are some crucial and prominent benefits of adding a link to the bio which paves way for its unshaken importance-

1.  Improved traffic

Whether it is your blog post or your official brand website, the amount of traffic a URL can derive is unpredictable. Individuals, when visiting your profile, will check out the link and surely visit the connected destination if the page aesthetically and informatively appeals to them.

2.  Increased sales

While you are adding a shop link in your Instagram Ad creatives, working on directly destining the product category page with the Instagram bio link will help you generate more leads whilst increasing the number of sales undertaken than the regular one.

Certainly, you have practiced more to enhance the product feature through the images added, then why waste it? Simply, connecting the product page can help the user effortlessly go through the items you offer and then initiate purchase decisions.

3.  Direct the audience to desired destinations

The marketing needs for anyone are not limited to just one aspect or are not about making 1-2 day promotions. You come up with new products or services, and even make better alterations than the previous day. So, to precisely make your audience get aware of those, changing the link each time and directing them towards one destination help make the campaigns successful and noteworthy.

4.  Expands the spectator’s circle

For each brand, it is certain to have a marked presence on different social media platforms for significant reasons. Also, there are fair chances that the viewers might not be aware of all your accounts. So, with the link in your Instagram bio, you can help them discover your other linked accounts and expand the existing audience circle.

For example, if somebody follows your Instagram handle, and you want to show them your new launched product’s video that was posted on Youtube, then adding the link through various applications such as OpenOnApp can help them have a seamless and convenient user experience to open the link and land on the native app in no time.

5.  Builds credibility and authenticity

Here, it is to note that the link in the Instagram bio is clickable and the user can click and just jump to the intended page. In addition, it gives them the liberty to copy and share the link with their mates and the ones whom they see worthy of sharing the admired piece of information that is incorporated in the link.

So, the number of shares is equal to enhanced traffic and more conversions. At the same time, it helps build and boost audience engagement whilst allowing more faithful brand associates to join.

Link In Bio on Instagram

While link in bio allows you to assist your audience with a direct and effortless visit to web places, here are some ways you can play around with your link techniques-

  • Promote a new offer or discount
  • Inform about new launches
  • Let people take a tour of your website/specific website pages
  • Incorporate a step of ongoing giveaway or contest
  • Allow certain professionals to visit your portfolio or personal blogpost
  • Effortlessly promote a podcast or new Youtube/Facebook/or any other platforms content

How To Add A Clickable Link In Instagram Bio? A 3-Step Tutorial

Add A Clickable Link In Instagram Bio

The process of adding a clickable link in an Instagram bio is as simple as that of a finger’s click.

1.  Move to your profile page, and click on the “Edit Profile” control button available.

2.  As soon as you land on the second page, click on the “Website” button and add the link you wish your audience to see and click on.

3.  Once you paste the link, make sure to end the link adding process by clicking on the “Done” button at the top right corner.

To The Bottom Line

The ever-evolving and unpredictable trends of social space cannot be undermined and even the experts might fail at pioneering those. However, walking on the ongoing ones can help you discover expansion for desirable results in prospects.