All About Hashtags

The ever-evolving trends on social media have marked unmatched growth for brands and businesses. Indeed, the most caught up since long is the use of Hashtags. Certainly, the practice of adding hashtags to social media posts has made up the pages reach great heights in almost no time. We have gathered a lot more things about hashtags for you!

Let’s explore the world of hashtags and their associated aspects ahead-

What are Hashtags and their History?

Hash + tag together comprise the word hashtag. Initially, the meaning denotes a simple equation where a keyword meets another keyword. However, the new social media strategies have experienced high elevations since the use of hashtags has been added up.

Initially, the story of hashtags was brought up in the middle age times, back in 2007. Then, the octothorpe, commonly called the pound symbols, were used to mention marks on the keyboard. Chris Messina first used these. Consequently, the network marketing experts headed to Twitter, and since then, there has been no looking back. Thus, the success of using hashtags is evident and definite enough to derive growth statements.

Simply, hashtags involve the use of double-crosses alongside a word that ignites a state of higher engagement on social media. However, it is to note that these hashtags trend all around the web platforms for a more extended period of time, making your content evolve with creativity and grow with trends.

Basics of Using Hashtags on Social Media

While on one side, hashtags help you explore the exciting world of web platforms. The other side has laid down some fundamentals for hashtags to be widely used. Here are some basics that govern & direct the use of hashtags on these network platforms-

Short & Crisp

Hashtags are just simple tag that is for the audience to remember. It is to make certain that there should not be long sentences. Indeed, only one or two words are good to go.

Start with the Initials

The hashtag will be incomplete without using the symbol hashtag. So, while you are inserting the hashtag, using the octothorpe before the word without any space is necessary. Also, avoid punctuation marks or any other symbols alongside.

Relevant Hashtags

Whichever hashtag you create or use, note that it is not unclear with its spell and meaning. The hashtag used to be clear and easy so that others could also use it.

Nature of the Account

Hashtag won’t be visible on the searches if the account is private. So, make sure your account or Page on the platform is public so that the hashtag reaches the maximum explorations possible.

Quantity is not the mark

It is not essential for any post to get high engagement based on intensity. Numbers are not the foundations for any post to get greater reach. So, relevant and good density of keywords is the key.

Benefits of Using Hashtags on Social Media

Building Brand Awareness

While it is evident that adding hashtags allows you to get a higher social reach, however, it is essential to note if you are a budding brand on Social Media, then creating a brand-dedicated hashtag can help you get improved brand awareness. For instance, if your brand name is X, then creating #X and using it consistently will surely work.

Improves Engagement Rate

While hashtags let you improve page visibility and brand awareness for the longer run, they additionally help you have a good engagement rate. For example, you have hashtags during updating a post on social media, which further means that you are participating in the community talk. Consequently, people tend to see your Page more through it, which improves the likes, comments, and views.

It makes the Page more Reliable

Adding hashtags is a compulsion to the mechanism of growing. But did you know that it helps you get trusted by users and constructs more authenticity? For example, when brands and influencers collaborate to promote a product/service – they are obligated to inform the users about an intentional promotion by mentioning #sponsored and some associated like this. Thus, by complying with the norms, you build more genuineness.  

Helps The Target Audience Discover You

While you produce the content according to the aimed group of users, individuals need to know about you. Moreover, for building more conversions, the audience needs to know who they have to follow and make further purchases of the product/service. Thus, here hashtags let them explore the market and, apparently you!

Hashtags and Social Media

Hashtags on Twitter

Twitter is the only platform wherein hashtags rank on an unmatched basis. Whether it is a tweet, reply, or even a self-created post, 1-2 hashtags can do wonders here. Thus, search for anyone trending & relevant hashtags from the search bar and add them to your post.

Hashtags on Instagram

The fastest grown web network Instagram has the highest engagement ratio. Using up to 10-12 hashtags post writing a creative and informative caption will help you grab audience links. Moreover, you can create your brand-oriented one; however, it is to see that the formed one has not been used previously.

Also, using hashtags on stories will get you to have improved communication with the audience though it doesn’t affect the actual intensity of hashtags used. As a creator or even a brand, you can explore trending hashtags from the search bar to always hit the right one. Additionally, commenting using hashtags can aid in having a great reach.

Hashtags on Facebook

Hashtags are advantageous for assembling content in isolated Facebook groups by refrain or subject. These can be used in the comments or as well in the caption itself. To add the trendiest hashtag, all you need to do is search and add 2-3(enough for Facebook) that are relevant according to the content posted.

Also, it is to note that Facebook profiles are generally private, making it competitive for brands to count on the frequency of the hashtag.

Hashtags on Youtube

More is not the solution. Adding 2-3 hashtags either in the title or at the starting of the video description will help the line fetch your content. Don’t overstuff the hashtags, as it can lead to spam or even flag your content.

Youtube allows you a feature to hyperlink the videos internally with the existing content you have posted. So, why not link the hashtags with the previous and interrelated videos only.

Hashtags on Pinterest

Pinterest primarily has an audience approach for businesses. Using around 15-20 hashtags is enough for any post to get in a user’s eyes. However, you need to be specific and relevant with the content orientation while adding hashtags.  


Here is some critical know-how for using and creating hashtags for social media. While it is definite that hashtags allow creators and brands to build engagement rates and then get conversions. But, it is also advised to use hashtags on the parameters of their mechanism. Indeed, using hashtags according to their relevancy and specification is necessary.