10 Easy-to-Use Alternatives of Google URL Shorteners

All of us share various website links or URLs across social media. Through these links, we encourage the viewers to head to these websites. However, it happens that the shared links are too long. Therefore, any reader or viewer may lose interest as these links are not presentable enough. alternative of google url

In this situation, URL shorteners play an essential role. A URL shortener will help in generating a short, unique link. Similar to the longer link, the shortened link can easily redirect you to the concerned website.

Here are three reasons why you should consider using URL shorteners:

Importance of URL Shorteners

URL shortener reduces the length of characters. Many websites include a provision to customize these URLs further.

Google URL Shortener:

Google short url was launched in 2009. As mentioned earlier, the aim of launching the Google URL shortener online was to share links with others easily. Another aspect was to keep up with the character limit for websites like Twitter.

With the google short URL online, it also detected if there was any malware on the website. Google’s short URL also ensured reliable and speedy services to the users.

However, the service ended in April 2018. Back then, users who had been using this service could shorten URLs. Their official blog has not mentioned the reason for terminating this service.

It means that they chose to update their services. Especially with the variety of online URL shorteners. Another point changes in the way people use the Internet- from desktops to smartphones.

Presently, the Google URL shortener does not exist. Therefore, today users require URL shortener alternatives. And currently, there are many!

What are these alternatives? Let us find out:

 Google URL Shortener Alternatives: 

1. OpenonApp: OpenonApp aims to provide a smooth experience for content marketers. As the name suggests, the open-on-app URL opener redirects the audience to the native application instead of the web browser. As a creator and marketer, you can get accurate insight into your audience, thereby serving them better and earning the amount the content deserves.

2. Bit.ly: Bit.ly is the most popular URL shortener available online. You can start using Bit.ly for free. You can develop a customized URL for your brand. When you buy the Bit.ly subscription, you can get 500 customized and 10,000 pre-generated links.

You can also open an enterprise account with options based on your customized needs. Therefore, you can create as many links as you want. This provision helps businesses create simple links and ensures that you have the insights for your audience.

3. Polr: Polr is another link shortening alternative that is quick and modern. It allows options for hosting your URL and customizing it according to your brand. Also, you gain access to the data based on the URL. Polr can be suitable for those with technical knowledge.

4. Rebrandly: Rebrandly is another URL shortener that provides customized links for businesses. You can easily track your customized links. Tracking them will help you know about the popularity of your brand. Interestingly, this website also supports QR code generation, and you can redirect your users to the website with the code.

5. Hyperlink: Hyperlink is a mobile application available on Android and iOs. It provides you with a daily, weekly, and monthly summary of clicks. With a live tracking dashboard, you can check the users’ location, device, and referral information. When you add Hyperlink to your Chrome extension, you can share links with one click!

6. Tiny.cc: Tiny. cc offers an easy-to-use interface wherein you can copy and paste links easily. When you register on the website, you will access the relevant statistics about the link. Additionally, you can also get customized links for your brand or business.

7. Bit. do: Another simple option with which you can track customized statistics and gain access to an automatic QR generator. However, shorter brand domains on this website are expensive, and you might want to look at other URL shortening services in that situation.

8. ClickMeter: This URL shortener platform offers a visual dashboard wherein you can track broken links, views, and clicks. The packages on this platform start from $29 per month. And is a favorite platform for many agencies!

9. Cuttly: Cuttly offers free services for URL shortening. Moreover, opening an account gives you access to real-time analytics, including click-through and social media referrals. You can also install a Cuttly toolbar to shorten your links easily.

10. Ow.ly: Ow.ly is another popular URL shortener integrated under the Hootsuite platform. You can sign-up for free and create shorter links. For more features, you can upgrade your plan.

With Ow.ly, you can track the performance of the link and your social media profile. Both these aspects will help in improving the performance of your brand.

To conclude:

After Google URL shortener shut shop, it was not difficult for Internet users to explore multiple options for creating customized short URLs. These utilities not only offer shortened, customized URLs.

These URL shortener alternatives also help track their viewers’ characteristics, which will help serve the audience better. Other details include click-through rates and social media referrals.

Most utilities offer free services (these can be for a limited time). These platforms offer easy-to-use interfaces that help translate the link within a few seconds. Therefore, a golden opportunity to create your URL and serve your audience better!