How to Increase Engagement on YouTube

With millions and billions of users, YouTube has one of the most used social media in India. Indeed, more than the spectators, this platform content creators/YouTubers as their major portion of active users. Certainly, once you crack the stone, it is certain that you will be rewarded with a wide reach in no time. Certainly, if you are on the right path, there are good chances for your to engage your audience circle. Indeed, they might find you more relevant than others in the community, rely on your content, and see that your channel delivers authentic information. While if you do it the south way- it may turn up the screen. Thus, your target viewers might feel misinformed and disconnected and, therefore, might leave the channel. So, how do you know which is the right path? Then, we will tell you about different ways how to increase engagement on youtube?

What is Youtube Engagement?

Basically, engagement implies the way how your audience reacts to your channel, whether on youtube or any other web network. It is to note that youtube engagement inclines in particular ways that can help you pull out gestures of how your audience responds to your content.

Apparently, there are certain precise measures that help you know how your spectators are reacting to the post. However, the most extensive advice anybody can give you to analyze youtube engagement is to see the Youtube Studio analytics foremostly.

 Apparently, it can be analyzed in terms of –

Likes and Subscribe

Certainly, like and subscribe denote whether your spectators like the content or not. Simply, if the content is resonating enough with their actual demands from the channel, the immediate action any viewer takes is to first like. Next, the reaction that follows the like response is the sudden click on red letters. If the content is resonating and connecting enough, then the number of likes and subscriptions increase in no time.  


Now comments are one significant mode to analyze if the content is liked by your reach or not. Certainly, comments initiate a sense of evaluating the sentiment of the responders. You can perform opinion analysis by observing the comments. It is to note that comments depict three emotions- positive, negative, and neutral.

Addition or Subtraction

Well! this isn’t related to something actual mathematical but rather noticing the formula. While you post content, it is beneficial and essential at the same time to note that if your number of subscribers is increasing or going to the opposing side.


I liked it- I shared it! We all do this, whether on Youtube or any other social media platform. Indeed, this sharing rule is universal because any individual who likes the content and considers it worthy enough to let others see it is shared on linked networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

4 Best Tips for Increasing Engagement on Youtube

The aesthetic appeal matters

You know, if the visuals are not appealing to the eyes, there are handsome chances that the audience might skip or simply ignore your video. So, what actually matters is your thumbnail, the artistic look of the video, the text in the title, etc. Since infographics matter a lot and speak attractiveness to the eyes – using eye-catchy text, colors, and fonts can help.

Organize a social feast

Not really we are asking you to call your viewers at home and serve them dinner. Rather, engaging with them in a comprehensive manner is all that is needed. Let’s illustrate an example of this- if you uncontrollably tell your audience about your work, they might unsubscribe you because of the monotonous feature you are offering them. While on the other hand, if you engage with them personally, go live or connect with them, and listen to what actually is liked and what are the backfalls- this will help you grow immensely.

Collaborations for expansion

Collaborations are one of the growing and fastest-evolving trends of the time. Certainly, here don’t limit yourself to the brand collaborations only; rather, look out to collab with the community collaborators. Doing so can help you increase the channel’s visibility to a wider circle of viewers while improving the chances of getting more subscribers and improved engagement.

Hop on the trends strategically

The webspace is full of uncertainty because of its spontaneous nature. Thus, the spur-of-the-moment can turn out on good terms for you if you crack it right. Since trends on social media are ever-evolving, you should always revolve your content around the ongoing trends.

How to Increase Engagement on Youtube Shorts?

Youtube Shorts or YT Shorts have turned up as one of the trendiest and most admired tools. YT shorts have a long future to go ahead and let you have the desired traction. Certainly, it demands crisp content with some other things that are-

  • Nail the Thumbnail
  • Control the length
  • Make worthy titles
  • Add it to the youtube stories
  • Be consistent
  • Crisp and clear is the key
  • Trends are great add-ons


If you simply want to know youtube engagement time, that is completely uncertain and depends on your strategies to build the channel. The above-mentioned are some helpful tips to note that can help increase youtube engagement and youtube shorts’ traction.