How to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Polls, True/False, Quiz, Stories, Ask me a question, and the list is long. Instagram has evolved from just being a tool for sharing thoughts and clicking pictures to expanded space for brands and content creators.

The web network now has ample content creators who have been elevating over time. Apparently, the online space has some budding influencers who are striving hard to achieve significant recognition and increased traction.

So, if you are one of those who want to build high engagement and grow tremendously on Instagram, then you have landed at the right place. Have a thorough tour of this article to learn about how to increase engagement on Instagram.

7 Tips for Instagram Engagement Hacks

Instagram engagement implies the procedure of interaction between the creator and the audience. Additionally, it incorporates the communication interface in the form of likes, comments, shares, saves, etc.

The engagement ratio is the primary mode to calculate the authentic connection between both parties. Apparently, building traction is one of the most demanding tasks, which, when done perfectly then, there is no looking back.

Creating Appreciated Content

Apparently, the audience on Instagram has a tendency to take screenshots of admired information on stories and sharing & saving the posts. So, ripping up these modes of interaction on your channel, you need to construct and curate the material according to the desired approaches.

Infographics Speak A lot

It is a fact that the spectators on the gram do not want to see words in their feed and explore section. So, adding/creating informative posts around appealing and sort of witty graphical frames will be eye-catching.

Improve the Page’s Aesthetic Appeal

Illustrate a scenario where one of your posts comes into the explore section of a viewer. Apparently, that particular creative might look interesting, and the observer might visit your page. Now, the game-changer is the artistic or aesthetic appeal of the page. Indeed, there are handsome chances that the viewer would click on the follow button, but if the page looks monotonous, they will leave the space. So, design your creatives in such a manner that it gives out a neat and complimenting feel to the page.

GIFs, Reels, Videos

It is an evident piece of notice that despite the use of attractive infographics, static and carousel posts might look too much texted oriented. So, what’s the next Instagram tool that initiates a high number of saves and shares? Even if you need to know how to grow organically on Instagram- playing around with the trendy procedures is the key! So, try to curate a content plan which has witty and page-oriented reels, videos, and such kinds of visuals.

Campaigns and Giveaways

While you are scheduling a prior strategy to curate content- embed specific columns for contests, campaigns, and giveaways. Doing so will help get a significant number of followers and a preeminent ratio of likes, comments, shares, and add-ons to the story. Also, they generate a sense of accountability and trust within the audience. While at the same time creating curiosity to participate in the upcoming competitions.

Master your Stories for sure

Indeed, it is to note that only strategizing the posts’ content and analyzing the growth in terms of engagement is really not what Instagram engagement calculation means. Apparently, directing and managing the story content was added with stickers, emoticons, gifs, and other such tools.

Monitor and then get into Ads

Whether it’s about stories or about the feed- you can always monitor and direct yourself toward the next step. If your natural growth is satisfying enough, then it’s perfectly alright! Otherwise, heading to push the content through ads and promotional campaigns can do wonders. Even if the organic reach is optimum, Ads and paid promotions are not harmful at all.


Certainly, increasing engagement on Instagram is not an overnight process until your luck is really good. So, have a mark on these 7 tips that incline towards growing engagement ratio on Instagram in terms of likes, comments, shares, saves, story add-ons, dm’s, etc.